11th Annual William Blair Review – iBTR

11th Annual William Blair Review

December 14, 2022

Engagement & Technology were the hot topics of the 11th Annual William Blair Benefit Technology Conference held in November. iBTR was in attendance, and I was honored to participate on the panel of presenters discussing the Evolving Nature of Group Benefits.

Many of the event discussions centered around the notion that the relationship between technology and the workforce has become increasingly challenging to navigate. In fact, when technology is not deployed properly, this relationship can diminish the employee experience and negatively impact workforce morale and, ultimately, overall company success.  Altogether, panelists agreed there is a need for improved engagement, communication, and, specifically, education on the value of employee benefits.

Another topic of discussion was the trend among employers in offering behavioral health benefits. Investing in employee health and wellness presents a significant value-add for the overall success of the business. Related to this topic is an increase in consumer need for more specialized and personalized benefits. This is where great employee engagement and technology practices come into play:

  • Better Education on benefits leads to more satisfied employees
  • Deploying personalized technology tools leads to successful, data-driven decision-making

So, what should a modern solution look like? I’m glad you asked!

Engagement is the means, and technology is the tool – integrating the two becomes an effective way to communicate value to your employees, which in turn increases employee retention. Having a year-round engagement strategy is essential and will support targeted corporate initiatives for tenured employees, as well as new hires.  We also have to remember that benefits are personal to employees, so it’s important to augment technology with a caring voice to ensure that your message resonates, and your employees make great decisions.

Let’s face it, employee engagement is at an all-time low, and benefits are becoming increasingly complex. It’s never been more important to establish a deeper connection between employee and employer.

Bring the personal touch of an integrated solution to your workforce and start seeing positive results. iBTR is ready to support your strategy for engagement and technology with our fully integrated high-tech and high-touch solutions.

About the Author

Phillip Goodrum is Founder and CEO of iBTR. Under Phillip’s leadership, iBTR has grown into the industry’s most recognized HR tech consulting firm supporting high-performing employers with Benefits Technology, Employee Engagement, and Consulting services.