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5 Benefits of Proper Change Management

We’re ushering in the changing seasons with Change Management all March long! Our own Change Management expert, Megan Cavanaugh, shares her secrets for successful and effective Change Management.

To be effective, Change Management needs to be a part of each step of a project as well as an ongoing process throughout all stages of that project, including the planning and execution phases. In the business and technology space, change is the only constant!  Many times, change is perceived as a negative, especially when it happens quickly. Change can be for the better! And, if done correctly and aligned with your company’s change plans, everyone will benefit in the end.

Consider these 5 Benefits of Proper Change Management: 

  1. Ensures that changes are implemented smoothly and without issue
  2. Improves organizational efficiency and optimizes business processes
  3. Avoids disruptive and costly mistakes
  4. Takes advantage of new opportunities quickly and efficiently
  5. Keeps up with the competition
  6. BONUS! Increases overall employee engagement and satisfaction = LESS TURNOVER

How did your change strategy stack up? If your change management strategy needs a refresh, consider working with a consultant to guide you through any areas that seem to be a struggle.

Overall, Change Management is important because it helps organizations effectively manage change and achieve their strategic goals and objectives. It enables organizations to become more adaptable, resilient, and competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Do you have a change coming up for your workforce? Reach out to the iBTR team at info@ibtr.com to get your project started today!


Megan Cavanaugh serves as the Director of Consulting at iBTR, working with brokers and employers to create more efficient strategies for HR work. Megan holds over 18 years’ experience helping organizations find the best solution with the most positive impact on their organization. She is committed to making every interaction count by supporting every element of the process including implementation, change management, and ongoing support.