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All-In-One vs Point Solutions: Which Way is Up?

“Should I use my HCM System for Benefits Administration, or should I look at a Standalone Solution?”

We hear this question just about every day. Employers are making big changes to their technology, and leaders are looking for the best support to do the job. It’s ok to be unsure which direction you should go.

Here are three simple questions you can ask yourself to get the ball rolling:

What is the Total Cost of Ownership?
We’re not just talking about the PEPM (per employee per month) to use the technology, here.  It’s imperative to consider what your internal cost to manage the solution will be. Often the “all in one solutions” have a lower cost of entry but have limited functionality that lead to manual administration.  Another driver for a lower PEPM with all in one solutions is the shift of work to the client. You have to add it all up, so think about your team’s time, the cost for integrations, automated tasks vs the effort of manual administration. These are just a few notions to consider, but overall, leaders should think about more than just price when it comes to tech solutions.

What are the Capabilities & Methodology of your current Provider?
Whichever route you go, it’s crucial that the solution meets the requirements of your workforce. This is where intimate knowledge of your benefits plan comes in handy. Can your current system manage your benefits plan as-is, or do you have to create manual workarounds? What does support for your annual renewal look like? Have you successfully implemented EDIs and SSO or are there still issues? Let your experience drive your desired outcomes – that will become the measure of success.

What Experience do you want your Employees to have?
This should probably be the first consideration. Your employees’ experience while using the solution can make or break your benefits strategy. Do your employees need more support & education? Does your workforce need specialized communications? Is enrollment easy for them, or are there headaches? Even the most Cadillac-level of technologies can cause your benefits strategy to fail if employees don’t understand what’s being offered.

Still unsure if you should use your HCM or a Standalone BenAdmin? Connect with one of our Consultants for a holistic view of your options. We will show you how each option will impact your overall strategy and what you can do about it.

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Carli serves as the Executive, Vice President of HR Tech Consulting at iBTR. She and her team equip HR professionals for digital HR work by providing superior service and expertise for the Human Capital Management (HCM) Ecosystem. Carli has 20+ years’ experience in HCM solutions and management, as well as Sales and Marketing, and Employee Benefits Management. Before joining iBTR, Carli served as the Founder and CEO of RevTech Consulting, LLC, an industry-leading technology consulting firm supporting employers and brokers for consulting and service on HR Tech objectives.

Carli is a graduate of the University of Tennessee. She and her husband, Paul III, enjoy spending all their spare time with their three children; Cameron, Sophie, and Paul IV (aka Bubby).