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Empyrean Advisor Summit Review

The 2023 Empyrean Advisor Summit was held August 8-10 in Boston and the takeaways from this year’s event came as no surprise given the current economy: Shifts in the Industry and the Roadmap for Empyrean’s Growth were the key topics.

Industry changes and opportunities are everywhere, and the BenAdmin world is no exception to the rule. Empyrean heard attendees’ opinions about the industry, which is best summed up as:

HR & benefits teams across the industry are running lean, and they need help now, not later.

  • Empyrean is focusing on understanding how benefits can fit into the bigger navigation strategy of their clients – where does ben admin fit into the overall client ecosystem? Considering all the pain points of the current solution will help an HR team manage their risk and discover opportunities for total solutioning.
  • Empyrean also advocated for involving a mixture of points of view for deciding the course of action if/when shopping for technology. E.g., HR, benefits, & payroll people are great to include, but include an operations or communications leader from your team as well to get added insight on the project.
  • Lastly – don’t just look at the “household names” when shopping for tech. Not all systems are ideal for all employer types. Lean on an industry expert to get the right system in place for your team.

Jim Priebe, Chief Strategy Officer at Empyrean, discussed aligning Empyrean’s Roadmap to the growth of the organization. The mission at hand: build a better culture through benefits. This can include a few initiatives.

  • Branding your solution is key to making your employees feel comfortable in the technology. Empyrean’s mobile app now features this capability.
  • Manifesting an HR presence through your tech is a crucial objective, especially for remote workforces. Your tech is how your employees experience working at your company! Empyrean acquired Enspire Learning to make one “Front Door” for all work life activities.
  • Deploying Call Centers & Enrollers will do two things: help the employees be good consumers of their benefits and reduce the load on the HR team. This supports the shift from digital advocacy to human advocacy.

The Bottom Line: Innovate your strategy, focus on service, & personalize the experience to make the benefits buying process easy and understandable for your workforce.

iBTR has successfully collaborated with Empyrean on a number of projects for workforces nationwide. This event was a wonderful time to network and explore how business leaders are leveraging Empyrean for their workforces.


Amy Wilson serves as the Senior HR Technology Consultant at iBTR, working with brokers and employers to create more efficient strategies for HR work. Amy has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, leading implementations and providing ongoing support for several HCM solutions. She is committed to making every interaction count by improving the overall workforce experience through partnership with market-leading providers like Empyrean.

Email Amy at awilson@ibtr.com.