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From the CEO: Why our Merger Matters

January 19, 2022

It’s no secret that employers need more these days. With ever-changing workforce challenges, employers need more support, more time, and more tools. Our merger with iBenefit Communication is designed to meet the need of employers looking for more.

Many have congratulated and joined us in celebration of our new partnership, which we appreciate. We are excited to expand these service offerings to our clients in a big way. This opportunity will allow us to combine our HR Tech experience with personalized enrollment assistance from a cohesive team that delivers concierge-level service and support. It really is a win/win for employers.

Health benefits are becoming increasingly complex, and we feel it’s important for employees to understand the benefits available to them. Elements such as easy access to information and benefits counselors equip employers for success in their benefits strategy. With The Great Resignation affecting just about every industry, employers are searching for an “easy button” to execute their vision. This partnership brings us the ability to immediately counsel new hires, onboard an acquisition, or support any number of challenges an employer may be facing.

We really believe this merger between BTR and iBenefit will bring enhanced solutions to the market in a more integrated way. In the near future, we will be working on even more innovative solutions that will be unique in our industry – stay tuned!

If your organization is looking for support with HR technology or enrollment strategies, please email us at