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HR Tech Conference Insights

Our team had a blast and learned a lot at the 2022 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. We met with vendors of all types and heard from some fantastic speakers about market trends and technology insights. One takeaway for us was that employers are hyper-focused on HR Technology as part of their ongoing strategy and budgeting.

According to The Sapient Survey, nearly HALF the market is expected to increase their budget for HR technologies in the coming year and many business leaders indicated that recruiting technology will be a priority. While it’s unclear if increasing the budget equates to system replacement or adding on modules, we think this is significant for employers and brokers to pay attention to. This is no surprise with the focus employers have on engagement and retention.

The Sapient Survey also revealed that 50% of employers are expected to change their Time & Payroll vendor in the next 12-24 months.

What does this mean? The market is shifting, and it’s shifting FAST. We recommend you engage with your team to audit your current HR technologies… reflect on how your current systems are serving you today. If you come away from this exercise with more negatives than positives, it might be time to bring in an expert for support – that’s where we come in.

We have the support you need for Selection, Deployment, and Consultation. We can help you run a selection process to find your future technology, and even provide implementation support for your new technology to lift some effort off your plate. If you decide to implement a new technology or just need a little help for an upcoming Open Enrollment, our Benefits Education Services are available to support your workforce with technology and enrollment.

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About the Author

Amy Wilson is our Senior HR Technology Consultant, working with BTR brokers to assist clients in creating more efficient HR department strategies. She is committed to strong partnerships, communication, and is passionate about helping clients streamline processes and gain efficiencies with their current vendors and helping them find new HR technology solutions to meet their needs. Amy has spent over 20 years leading implementations and providing ongoing support for several major technology platforms. Email Amy at