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HR Tech & the EE Experience

January 12, 2022

The HR technology market boasts a myriad of helpful employee-facing tools determined to make the employee experience magical and easy. HR technology is only worth the investment if employees actually use it.

But how can an organization ensure its people understand how to use the technology, especially if it is new?

Below are practical ways for HR administrators and business leaders to support employee adoption – and keep the workforce engaged – through HR technology.

Try to Break It

System Testing is a foundational element of launching any new technology. Employers should test their new system thoroughly, attempting to “break” the system or make mistakes common amongst employees. The testing phase not only allows for teams to catch errors and make corrections before going live, but also helps administrators become familiar with error messages and codes which in turn improves their user ability. Leverage your vendor partner’s testing materials as a starting point.

Enlist Focus groups

Once your system is tested and ready to go live, employers should enlist small groups of employees to review the system and test for user-friendliness. Focus groups support the endeavor of garnering much-needed feedback as well as adoption of the new technology. Focus groups can also highlight any gaps or needs for user education. Just be sure you actually act on the feedback – it’s their system!

Map out the Employee Experience

It is crucial for employees to know where to go and how to get there. HR teams should walk through the employee experience, so they are familiar with each step. HR teams will want to familiarize themselves with any transition points, such as when a New Hire will need to move from the HCM system to the benefits enrollment system via an API. Consider authoring a “site map” or similar document, complete with FAQs to use for internal education.

Speaking of Education…

We all know that knowledge is power. Educating your employees on the purpose for and opportunities within your organization’s technology can go a long way regarding adoption and utilization. A company-branded instructional guide with screenshots and arrows is a popular way to educate employees. Internal webinars and podcasts also support employee education. BTR also always recommends posting support contacts throughout the system in case employees need to reach out for help.


Most HR technologies can feature employer logos, colors, and more to make the site recognizable to employees. Company branding within your HR technology empowers employees to have more trust and comfort with executing HR-related tasks in the system. Some systems even allow for customized email alerts, notifications, and confirmation messaging which also support the employee experience.


These are just some of the ways that employers can support their employees’ experiences within HR technology. Making your organization’s technology easy to use and recognizable will support your overall technology strategy and success.

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About the Author

Holli Brummett supports BTR as the Business Development Coordinator, focusing on new opportunities and business development for the BTR Extend Division. Holli brings to the team several years of Benefits Administration experience on multiple systems, working with broker teams as well as employers across many industries, including manufacturing, school districts, hospital systems, and more.