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Tech Catastrophe Prep Steps for Employers

February 2, 2022

What would you do if you lost access to your HR Technology right now without warning?

In today’s cloud-based society, technology is a vital tool for organizations worldwide. Without it, HR teams wouldn’t accomplish anything successfully and efficiently. One element of our technology that is often overlooked is probably the most vital – security.

Security should always be top of mind for employers when it comes to their technology. Organizations should craft a backup plan for when – not if! – technology failure or threat scenarios occur. This is why a contingency plan is key – instances of employee negligence, vendor error, cyberattacks, or ransomware can bring any operation to a grinding halt.

Catastrophe preparedness is not one-size-fits-all. Organizations should develop sustainable and effective protocols outside of their technology to reduce impacts to the organization and its people.

BTR sees common recurring factors within the market when it comes to the loss of access to data. Employers looking to maintain overall technology security for their organization should consider this checklist regarding their HR Technology systems.

  • System Maintenance Deferrals – Delaying systems updates puts data at risk and could be costly. A good technology vendor will apply a consistent schedule for replacing outdated technology and should not be utilizing products or services that are being sunset or discontinued.
  • Backups Management – Drafting protocols for backing-up data on a “cloud,” rather than on the actual premises, is becoming industry standard. It’s considered a best practice to schedule data pushes for backup maintenance, rather than always processing manual backups, keeping a close watch to make sure timely backups don’t error out and cause any data exposures.
  • Ransomware Events – Organizations should have a coordinated plan in place in the event of a long-term impact to technology access. Ransomware events typically result in a total loss of production and can cause an expansive liability of exposed data if not handled cautiously.
  • Vendor Error – Technology vendors make errors from time to time, but a lengthy timeline for resolution or spotty communications about issues can be a big red flag in some instances. Vendor errors can also cause a total production loss (which could translate to a direct impact to benefits). Employers will want to be sure to plan for short- and long-term scenarios to maintain coverage.

Technology and security needs are evolving at a rapid pace. Focusing on the security of employees’ data and personal information should be a priority to employers of all industries and sizes.

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About the Author

Hayes Stevens supports BTR brokers and their clients with their HR technology initiatives and serves as the team lead for BTR’s consulting division. With over 10 years in the HR Technology industry, he provides unparalleled expertise to clients through a strategic, long-term success framework and approach.