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UKG Partner Summit

The 2022 UKG Partner Summit held in October in Orlando did not disappoint. Sessions highlighted the successes UKG experienced within the Partners community, as well as trends in the HCM and WFM world, and we even got a sneak peek at UKG’s road map for the coming year. iBTR is proud to partner with UKG and these updates from their company leadership have us excited about the future of HCM.

The event kicked off with the VP of Global Alliances, Patrick Lannon, speaking to the success of the partners community, followed by three C-Level executives speaking to the partner attendees. Here are stats about UKG Partners successes in 2022:

  • Partners participated in 350 deals
  • Partners executed 146 Implementations
  • UKG brought on 45 new Partners
  • UKG launched 65 new Integrations
  • Over 2,400 leads went to Partners
  • Over $145K paid out to reps for spiffs

Another key presentation came from Hugo Sarrazin, UKG’s Chief Product & Technology Officer. He shared HCM trends UKG is seeing in the market, specifically for the WFH model. Many of the trends reflect what iBTR already knows – employers are enhancing their online HR workflows.

  • 2,728 suites sold since the Ultimate & Kronos merger in February 2020
  • 83% net new customers in all markets since UKG 2020 merger
  • 940+ New Work Force Management Customers
  • 6,400 UKG Pro Customers
  • 2,790 UKG Dimensions Customers
  • 5,400+ UKG Ready Customers

It’s obvious that UKG is growing their partner circle and expanding their opportunities for engagement and success. UKG explained their product vision is “to help organizations become a great place to work by building people-centric Life-work technology that meets every employee.” Here are the key themes of UKG’s Roadmap for 2023:

  • Investing $125M into Innovation
  • 1Suite Powered by A.I. Fabric – full HCM Suite powered by A.I. technology
  • In the Flow of Work FleX by UKG (See UKG FleX Press Release for info)
  • Great Places to Work Hub (See UKG GPTW Press Release for info)
  • The Great Migration – UKG announced a $125M investment in innovation in 2023. UKG also shared that their Workforce Central product is sunsetting – it’s 20 years old! – and that they will be migrating those 3,200 clients to their Dimensions product.

Among these valuable presentations were sessions hosted by SMEs covering organizational culture, sales skills using the Sandler Methodology, Innovation & Change, and roadmaps for each UKG platform.

An insightful partner panel discussion capped off the event, focusing on Industry Trends with a review on how the HR world has changed drastically in recent years. Here are key takeaways from the panel:

  • 9 Box is dead.
  • The Pandemic was the “Great Accelerator” for HR change.
  • Implementing HR technology is hard work – which is why you need iBTR! (shameless plug!)
  • Mental Health needs to be a key focus of HR Teams going forward.
  • WFH can be a perk for some, isolating for others, and a strain for some.

UKG is fully aware of how HR and employment has evolved—and is still evolving! They are working to enhance their solutions to align with trends. UKG is dedicated to helping its Partners succeed, noting that Partners are crucial to UKG’s overall growth and client implementation success.

All-in-all, iBTR feels optimistic about UKG’s plans for the future. Our Partnership with UKG is valuable – not only to us, but to our clients as well. We will continue to monitor UKG’s efforts in the marketplace and provide updates that impact HR work.

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Doreen Dartez is the VP of Consulting at iBTR and supports employers with a commitment to HR technology excellence. Doreen brings 25 years’ experience in HR Solutions, with a recent focus on benefits technology. She has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the HR Technology ecosystem and has a true passion for solving clients’ technology issues.