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Why HR Tech Needs a Communication Strategy

May 4, 2022

You’ve heard it before from BTR: “Technology is only as good as the team you have servicing it.”

The saying also applies to the communication strategy employers use around their HR Technology. Communication is key for the varying phases of technology deployment and can make or break the overall user experience. Designing an effective communication strategy for HR technology will support overall business objectives and investment.

Implementation Go Live

The most obvious time to communicate about technology is when it is new! Employers will see wider adoption of their new technology by informing employees about the existence and purpose of the system. BTR generally recommends including flyers, emails, and instructional guides as part of your Go Live communication strategy.


New hires typically require lots of support during onboarding. Designing a communication strategy with new hires in mind will facilitate a positive experience for employees and administrators alike. Applying customized verbiage within the technology itself supports corporate messaging and education. Benefit enrollment counselors also provide a personal touch to new hires as they learn more about their new employer.

Open Enrollment

Renewals are a busy time. Taking the lift off the HR team by leveraging benefit education specialists, call centers, instructional guides, and more are key elements of any Open Enrollment strategy. The most important consideration for employers regarding Open Enrollment communication is the timeline – communicating early, often, and consistently with employees about how to execute their elections for the coming plan year will improve the overall renewal process.

Notices & Trainings

BTR is seeing more and more employers leverage HR technology for employer notices and trainings. Improvements in automation across the market allow employers to fold their company notices into enrollment workflows, with the ability to generate acknowledgment reports on the backend. Employers are also adding links to employee sites within their HR technologies to facilitate easy access to necessary trainings.

BTR specializes in deploying HR technologies, including strategies for communication. If your organization would like to consult with BTR about your HR Technology communication strategy, please email your inquiry to BTRProjects@bentechre.com.



About the Author

Holli Brummett supports BTR as the Business Development Coordinator, focusing on new opportunities and business development for the BTR Extend Division. Holli brings to the team several years of Benefits Administration experience on multiple systems, working with broker teams as well as employers across many industries, including manufacturing, school districts, hospital systems, and more.