SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring Ceridian – iBTR

SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring Ceridian

We are very proud of our Elite Partnerships with Carriers and Vendors that incorporate technology into all they do. This series features each of our Elite Partners, who offer savings and efficiencies for your technology and communication needs.

This week’s featured partner is Ceridian. Our series hosts, Therese Tomasek & Holli Brummett, sat down with Sharina Roberts & Mike Fleck to discuss Ceridian’s tech know-how, company developments, and market wins.



What is Ceridian’s claim to fame?


Ceridian is a leading global HCM solution provider. With more than six thousand organizations around the globe, Ceridian is one of the world’s leading payroll & HCM providers. We support a range of employers sizing from 100 employees to millions of employees. Our solutions are ideal for organizations of any type who have complex payroll needs, such as advanced timekeeping or global requirements.

Our flagship product, Dayforce, brings a centralized, real-time HCM solution to the market and was built with a global perspective in mind. With Dayforce, we can address the needs of employers with employees in multiple countries using a singular platform. The platform is also scalable for employers as they enter the global market.


Where is Ceridian going? Can you share about your roadmap and integrations?


Ceridian’s roadmap is a global roadmap. Our roadmap is focused on three categories: people empowerment, workforce intelligence, and compliance.

We’ve just launched Dayforce Wallet in the UK, which is our real time on-demand pay platform. Dayforce Wallet is now available in the US, UK, and Canada. We’ve also opened up payroll services in Germany and Singapore and will be launching payroll in Mexico and the Asia-Pacific in the coming months.

Within the next six months, we are adding HR Knowledge Management, which is an intuitive Q&A feature to support organizations’ HR teams as they respond to employees’ questions. We are also expanding our mobile capabilities for timesheets and benefits enrollment.

Ceridian is also expanding people analytics; increasing data connections to large ERPs such as Workday, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics; adding peer benchmarking in Dayforce.

We are also working on the concept of a single global record (the “global person”) for each employee on our system. This will support the ability to report on key data for HR analytics of the total person by maintaining all data for one employee in one record, eliminating the need to aggregate data.


How is Ceridian addressing the hybrid work model and other post-Pandemic workforce trends?


Ceridian’s Value Advisory Team reviews trends in the marketplace to identify targets for our roadmap. The team then tracks each trend to determine its permanency in the market. As is the case with hybrid work, trends can easily become standard. Case in point, we are now seeing  30% of workforces conducting work using a hybrid model.

Ceridian recognizes that business leaders are making decisions for their workforce based off current and future data, so our platform also has built-in reporting capabilities to support those decision processes with trends data that is internal to the organization and external across the industry. This brings agility to the workplace, which is key considering 69% of employers are looking to improve their current access to data and analytics.

The need for Skills Advancement is another key trend we are noticing in the market. HR teams are looking to expand training offerings to their workforce, which Ceridian has plenty of solutions to support.


Tell us about Ceridian’s recent Pulse of Talent survey! Any interesting stats you can share?


We saw significant responses regarding OnDemand Pay…

  • 72% of US employees want access to wages before payday
  • 57% of those same employees would stay longer with an organization who offers OnDemand Pay as a benefit

This confirms the notion that OnDemand Pay is no longer just an idea, it’s becoming reality for many organizations as they focus on talent attraction and retention. Dayforce Wallet is our OnDemand Pay solution that allows employees access to OnDemand Pay.


What other exciting things does Ceridian have going on?


Ceridian is working to improve our partner network experience. We just re-launched our Partners Ecosystem this fall to enhance the relationship with Ceridian for our broker partners. We also are launching the Influence Academy, which is an educational and training platform for our partners to learn more about Ceridian. We are also giving our social marketing tools a tune up to support our partners, too.

We are also really excited about the 2022 Ceridian Insights Conference coming up November 7 – 10 in Las Vegas. This is a terrific opportunity for our customers to come together and learn about Ceridian and all we do.

BTR appreciates our partnership with our Elite Partners. Be sure to check out our other partners on our website. If you’d like more information about savings and efficiencies offered through our Elite Partners, please email BTRProjects@bentechre.com.