SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring Proliant – iBTR

SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring Proliant

August 2022

We are very proud of our Elite Partnerships with Carriers and Vendors that incorporate technology into all they do. This series features each of our Elite Partners, who offer savings and efficiencies for your technology and communication needs.

This week’s featured partner is Proliant. Our series hosts, Therese Tomasek & Holli Brummett, sat down with Tim Clark & Adam Clayton to discuss Proliant’s tech know-how, company developments, and market wins.



What is Proliant’s claim to fame? Give us the 411 on your specialty.


At Proliant, we believe there is not true “best HR technology,” rather we look at how technology fits best with our clientele. Our origins were in CPA tax services, until our clients asked for support with payroll services. Proliant pivoted to accommodate the needs of their clients, and now payroll is the core service offered by Proliant. Industries with hourly employees – restaurants, factories, retail, and the like – are finding a lot of success on Proliant’s software


What are the common services added onto your core payroll offering?


Typically, we see Onboarding, ACA, HRIS, and Time & Labor implemented with our core payroll service. We were the first payroll system in the industry with an integrated ACA suite, with lots of bells and whistles for employers with variable hour employees.

Applicant tracking is typically stand-alone from the payroll system, which is by design in many cases due to the specific needs of the type of client using AT solution.

Benefits administration is available through Proliant, and we also offer integrations with many other best-in-breed ben admin systems like Employee Navigator, PlanSource, and bswift. Proliant is proud to have the flexibility to integrate with best-in-breed partners to offer the best global solution for the employer.

BTR: Tell us about the opportunities available for integrations.


We have an open API architecture. We see a lot of integrations with Applicant Tracking and Learning Management systems to facilitate new hire processes. Security is also a popular API for many clients to support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) functionality.

BTR: What is on Proliant’s roadmap?


Our product team is doing a great job listening to our clients with a focus on automating as much as we can for employers. Standardization of data is top of mind with most of our developments, with the objective of helping employers be able to use their data for employee utilization and corporate forecasting.

Employee Engagement is also being developed. Technology tools such as employee surveys and communication modules are being designed to support business objectives from the top down, including position management access for mid-management roles and collaborative digital spaces within Proliant’s software.


BTR appreciates our partnership with our Elite Partners. Be sure to check out our other partners on our website. If you’d like more information about savings and efficiencies offered through our Elite Partners, please email BTRProjects@bentechre.com.