SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring GUARDIAN – iBTR

SPECIAL EDITION: Elite Partners Series – featuring GUARDIAN

August 2022

We are very proud of our Elite Partnerships with Carriers and Vendors that incorporate technology into all they do. This series features each of our Elite Partners, who offer savings and efficiencies for your technology and communication needs.

This week’s featured partner is Guardian. Our series hosts, Therese Tomasek & Holli Brummett, sat down with Myesha Lamison & Sarah Oliver to discuss Guardian’s tech know-how, company developments, and market wins. Be sure to also check out the Guardian podcast episode.



What is Guardian great at? Give us the 411.


Guardian has been in business for 160 years and is proud to bring a broad offering of comprehensive solutions aimed at supporting the overall wholistic wellness. Guardian regards personal wellness to include “Mind, Body, & Wallet” and focuses their endeavors to support all three areas. Guardian also targets their partnerships specifically to provide tools that provide the ability to simplify benefits management overall.


What’s big and exciting for Guardian right now?


We are developing more APIs for our Guardian Access API Program. The program facilitates quick implementation of connections and supports enrollment accuracy with a keen focus on integration with ben admin systems and other HR technologies.

Guardian currently has 4 Key APIs which are designed to enhance the employee enrollment experience:

  • Member API – Transmits employee demographic & eligibility information to Guardian
  • Plan Level API – Facilitates plan configuration so that system rules match the plan rules
  • EOI API – Enables an instant insurability decision at time of enrollment
  • Provider Directory API – Employees can search for providers within the ben admin system

Guardian is also working to improve connectivity across all benefits. Guardian is focusing on employee education & awareness about their enrolled products, with the aim of improving the employee’s experience in using their insurance. A new, innovative partnership with Naya Health enhances the employee experience with decision support at point of enrollment by providing a data centric view of utilization and education.

Guardian believes that a connectivity strategy is needed by all industries – technology is the tie that binds for most companies.

BTR: What’s on Guardian’s Technology Roadmap?


Guardian is excited to release a Member level & Plan level API with ADP WorkForce Now toward the end of 2022.

Guardian is currently acting as its own test client for an EOI API with Workday and will release more APIs with Workday in the future.

BTR: What else would you like to share?


Guardian is a big fan of the Enrollment Support available through BTR’s partnership with iBenefit Communication. Having 1-on-1 direct support to help an employee with their benefits package not only humanizes the benefits enrollment experience, but it also supports data validation at the point of enrollment.

It’s also awesome to have iBenefit on board because their support is ideal for multi-generational workplaces. Gen Z is starting to make benefits decisions – even though they are fluent with technology, they still need a person to simplify and guide their choices. Gen X doesn’t want help but can struggle with technology so they need a human to support their utilization of the technology. Guardian appreciates iBenefit’s ability to solve for a broad scope of cross-generational needs.

BTR appreciates our partnership with our Elite Partners. Be sure to check out our other partners on our website. If you’d like more information about savings and efficiencies offered through our Elite Partners, please email BTRProjects@bentechre.com.